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What is Balance?

Balance is the ability to control and maintain body’s position as it moves through space. Balance involves muscles, bones, vision, and your brain to work together to prevent falls.

balanceBalance Tidbits

Some interesting facts about balance include:

  • 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 will fall. This can lead to hip fractures.
  • Movement is key. Sedentary habits will cause more weakness that will increase the risk of falls.
  • Physical Therapy provides the opportunity to improve strength, endurance, and balance which decrease the risk of falls.

How to Address Your Balance Problem

We here at Mountain River Physical Therapy are dedicated to improving your balance. If you or a loved one have experienced recent balance difficulties, please take advantage of this opportunity to attend a Free Balance Screen. Please call 304-865-6777 or stop by our clinic to schedule an appointment time.

What Should I Do?

Please call or stop by Mountain River Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment time.